"People who persevere in the present status quo, slow down our development and prevent us from solving problems.”

Lectures and Keynotes

The world is my home. There is not just one singular place called home for me. I love the new, the unknown, the adventure. My heart beats for the cultural diversity on our planet. The focus of my work is the removal of social and cultural barriers that prevent us from using the unlimited potential of this diversity in our surroundings.
 At the same time, I am a lawyer and I received my PhD from one of the most traditional and change-resistant sciences ever. I specialized in international and migration law, diversity and intercultural mediation.
 Let me invite you to come see me live on stage: I combine the latest findings of applied theory and professional expertise with my own experience and thereby create a unique overall concept. My lectures are professionally adept, exciting, motivating and fascinating. They are always up-to-date and individually tailored to your goals and your audience.
 Furthermore, I am a professional ballet dancer and can rely blindly on my stage presence after fifteen years of strict Russian dance training. 

Main Topics

Primal instincts in the information age 


 Why prehistoric instincts block our change today and how we can still be successful with courage, leadership and perseverance.

How diversity gives wings to your innovative strength

The more diverse a team is, the better the performance.

Migration can't be stopped... but it can be controlled 

Why we need to manage immigration well.

Change, Diversity, Digitalization: It's all in your head

Why your inner attitude is more important than new tools