"Things are not always as they seem" … Open your eyes!


(Photo Contest)

In cooperation with the photographer Michael Stange, Dr. Maria Luisa Mariscal started a project that promotes the active confrontation with prejudices and hidden racism in society. The project uses photos to show contrasts in society and the prejudices associated with them in a striking way. 
The project will be carried out in four different countries (Germany, Mexico, Bolivia and Pakistan) there will be collected photos of people who do not reflect the stereotype of their profession, race, language, religion or role in society. At the end of the data collection a calendar with the best photos of these four countries will be published. 

50% of the proceeds from the sale of the calendars will be donated to projects to help immigrants.

The term "opposites" is often used as a synonym for being different, alterity, distinctness and difference. But everyone is different and this is the only way we are actually all the same. 

In the beginning there is the stereotype. Example: Women cannot park. Professors live in an ivory tower (or: speak in an encoded and incomprehensible manner), all AfD (This is a German right-wing populist party) voters are racists. People consolidate other people based information. A completely normal, almost automatic process. That way you don't have to think about things that might apply to the vast majority of a group over and over again. The quickly retrievable stereotypes can greatly simplify dealing with others. But they also block the unobstructed access to other people, beyond all clichés. 

That’s why you should open your eyes and see how beautiful diversity can be! We don't need categorization features, because we are people and not objects. 




Migration and integration through law 

Germany needs millions of socially integrated immigrants in order to finance prosperity and the welfare state in the long term. But news about xenophobia and the eternal political issue of immigration show: Migration and integration does not run like clock work. The author accepts this challenge. She combines the findings of a comparative legal analysis and an empirical study to evaluate the success of past measures to manage migration and integration in Germany and the USA. The results show how the integration of migrants is optimally supported. They form the basis for new legal and political measures to create value from cultural diversity instead of seeing it as a cause of unrest and division. 

Introduction to Spanish Law (Spanish Edition)

Knowing a foreign legal system is not easy, especially if you have not had the opportunity to live or work in that country. The terminology makes it very difficult. Let this book help you getting to know a foreign legal system: explained in a simple and understandable way. In the first part you get to know the law and its terms in general. In the second part you will deepen your knowledge through exercises and vocabulary. Prepare yourself better for your future or your assignment or study abroad. 

Migration educational and racism critical youth work

The anthology compiled by and for practitioners illustrates the diverse spectrum of current practice in migration education and youth work critical of racism using the example of Würzburg. Educators who are active in this field of practice (school or extracurricular) receive valuable suggestions for their daily work in terms of content and methodology. The individual contributions are practical and based on experiences. 

The ruler of the mountains 

The bilingual children's book "The Ruler of the Mountains" tells the story of Yuki and Sofía, two llamas who experience many adventures in search of Yuki's parents. The book is written for children between 6 - 12 years. The imaginative story shows in a playful way how many prejudices we encounter every day and how great the potential is to discover something new if we manage to free ourselves from these beliefs.
German-English (in progress)
German-Chinesse (in progress)